Motherhood. What a high calling it is. To love and disciple our children, always pointing them to Christ. It’s a God ordained, holy work. One that I love and cherish. What a gift to be chosen for such an important role.

I love the subtle ways God speaks to me through parenting. I believe He does a great work in us as parents - a soul forming, character forging, deep love kind of work. And it is eternally valuable.

Moms, dads, rest in this truth tonight. God equips those He has called and He has called you to the good and holy work of being a parent. Anybody can but not everybody will. You have answered the call with a resounding yes. He has seen every weary tear and the river of self doubt that often flows through you and He has invited you into a deep place of rest.

Rest in the undeniable truth that you are the best parent for your children. So do it confidently and with steadfast faithfulness because your work matters.

Your work is eternal.